The Story


The Man Behind this Tribute

Elton John, a highly respected global superstar whose name is synonymous with great music .

Elton JohnSir Elton John has been a stalwart of the rock/pop music scene for over five decades during which time he has supplied music lovers of all ages and genres with a steady stream of multi million selling albums, from which have been taken a multitude of huge timeless classics including ‘Your Song’, ‘Bennie and the Jets’ , ‘Candle in the Wind’ and ‘Crocodile Rock’ to name just a few.

Elton was born Reginald Kenneth Dwight on 25 March 1947 in Pinner, Middlesex, England and after leaving school he took his first steps along what was to become an illustrious career in the music industry. At the age of 15 he was performing solo in his local pub, even though he wasn’t old enough to be in there . He formed his first band called Bluesology in 1964 and it was at this time that he took on his Stage name of Elton John taken from the first name of his saxophonist ‘Elton Dean’ and Bluesology’s future frontman Long John Baldry.

Elton was introduced to his songwriting partner Bernie Taupin in 1967 after they both answered an advert for ‘New talent wanted’ in the NME (New Musical Express) and amazingly their first compositions were conducted by mail. In 1968 they became staff songwriters for Dick James’ DJM music label, and began writing music for a whole range of budding pop stars. Elton and Bernie’s ability to create a fusion of new and exciting music was established early in their careers and their first album ‘Empty Sky’ released in 1969 was an instant hit. By the time Elton’s self-titled breakthrough album was released in 1970, along with the evergreen hit ‘Your Song’ he had already been introduced to the international stage and the songwriting duo had honed their skill to such a degree that Bernie could present Elton with a set of lyrics and within the hour he could compose the music for them.

Elton was inducted into the Hollywood Hall Of Fame in 1994 and in 1998 he received a knighthood for his services to the British pop music scene and became Sir Elton John at a ceremony held at Buckingham Palace.

Why a tribute to Sir Elton John?

There is no greater compliment to any performer than to be celebrated by a tribute band. Not to be confused with a cover band, a tribute band is a band who attempts to emulate in every way the band they are in tribute to. This includes reproducing the music as accurately as possible to the original. The overall idea of a tribute band is to create the perfect atmosphere and to give their audience the opportunity to see and hear what the real band sounds like, an opportunity that maybe some of them would otherwise never have had.

DonnieTo tribute a band and reproduce the quality of sound and performance, such as Elton’s, that has taken decades to perfect, requires bundles of enormously unique talent. ‘The Captain’ Donnie Leafloor is a man in possession of such a talent. His amazing ability to recreate both Elton’s vocal and keyboard skills so brilliantly can leave you questioning whether you are listening to Elton himself.

‘The Captain’ is backed by the creative and powerful six piece ‘Captain Fantastic Band’ who themselves also never fail to reproduce faithfully the full purity of the music we have come to love on all Elton John recordings. Each and every one of our audiences can be assured that they will depart our performances having been thoroughly entertained during their fantastic journey down rock music memory lane.
The dynamics of ‘The Captain Fantastic Band’s’ stage shows and the range and versatility of the music, has opened the doors to many different types of venue, from college halls to stadium arenas, ‘The Elton John experience’ can perform to music lovers of every age group.

For Donnie and the band, the satisfaction of performing the music they love in tribute to an artist they respect, comes from knowing that their audience have come to hear the music of one amazing artist, rather than a mix of cover music of which only a fraction might appeal to some of the audience.
Tributing one of the greatest singer/songwriters in modern music history can understandably be very complex and demanding at times, but for both the band and the audience alike the rewards are out of this world!
Any lover of Elton’s music will know that there are many songs in his back catalogue that need no more than a man and his piano, then there are many others that can incorporate many intricate interrelated parts including full ensembles of instruments and vocals within them.
We can comfortably say that since launching ‘The Elton John experience’ we have covered most of these bases.

But you have to see it, and hear it, to believe it…

So why not come out to one of our shows and enjoy a great celebration of the man and his music.