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Your kind words

The performance that Captain and Captain Fantastic gave in Kemptville was totally awsome. This is where you will find twisted circus slot machine. Follow the link!

Great tribute to Elton John while being very entertaining and interacting with the audience with their participation was a plus to the show.It was a great evening for the money well worth it.

Was far above what I expected from the show.

The band was great the Captain was very energetic and kept us going for 3 solid hours of fun and music.

Highly recommended for anyone to go and see the show.

-Bob Bethal

I just wanted to send my congratulations on a fantastic show on Saturday night. My husband Blaine and I were totally impressed. What amazing artists you and your band are. Your calibre of talent was awesome. We had such a wonderful time and you brought us back in time with some of the oldest of his songs and a lot of the new ones. You can tell the passion you have for Elton’s music and your piano playing and your bands musical talent was incredible.

Congratulations, one of the best shows we have seen. The theatre was great. Enjoying a smaller venue like that really makes it more intimate and close up and the sound was really fantastic.

I hope it ended up being a great experience for you and your band.

Congratulations and you are truly blessed to have such talent to share with the world and we were blessed to be on the receiving end!

-Teri Devine

“Kudos to Captain Fantastic for paying tribute to the music which is what its supposed to be all about. Thank you for not inflicting us with bad wigs, silly costumes and awful makeup jobs. This is a group of talented professionals who are obviously committed to real music. Thank you for that, keep up the great work and continued success. You really have a fabulous band!”

– Kerry Muldoon [manager of the Blushing Brides]”

“All I can say is WOW! I’ve seen Elton John so many times over the years and I have never heard a band sounds so incredibly close to his music, it’s spooky.”

– Tony Wilson (40 year Fan of Elton John)

“Captain Fantastic is a classic Elton John tribute band. Vocal work, instrumental arrangements, production … are all excellent … their representation of Elton John’s material is outstanding…”

– Ron Warwaruk (Sticks ‘n Stones)